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(L-R) Drs. Maureen Jennings, Bryan Markinson, Annette Jotce, Jodi Schoenhaus, Warren Joseph, and Harry Goldsmith

DERMfoot Has Record-Breaking Attendance

DERMfoot’s renowned faculty, with combined expertise in the fields of infectious diseases, clinical trial research, lasers, onychomycosis, biofilm, and coding, discussed one of the leading public health issues in podiatry today, onychomycosis. Other topics of interest included the latest protocols for terbinafine, drug resistance, and emerging therapies such at VT-1161 and micro-drilling.

This session’s moderator, Annette Joyce, DPM stressed that “the key to treatment success is making the right diagnosis.” Infectious disease expert, Dr. WarrenJoseph responded, “Molecular diagnostics is the future of mycology and bacteriology…but it may still be too soon for prime time.” A lively discussion followed at this year’s DERMfoot Annual Scientific Conference in Annapolis, Maryland with a record crowd of over 330 attendees who wanted to learn more about lower extremity dermatology.