DERM-in-a-Day Workshops 2017-09-04T20:24:42+00:00

Single-Day, Action-Packed Workshops

DERMfoot provides the most unique opportunity for podiatrists to work alongside true masters of nail and skin surgery.

The knowledge that the DERMfoot, world-class faculty shares with seminar attendees is just too valuable to limit to a single geographic area once a year.  Therefore, in the fall of 2016, due to the increasing demand for DERMfoot’s hands-on experience, we expanded our reach by offering DERM-in-a-Day Seminars in Los Angeles and Chicago.  This year, we’re taking it even further!

You can now register for our first fall meeting at VISTA Labs in Baltimore, MD by clicking below.

DERM-in-a-Day: Baltimore | 9.10.17 | SOLD OUT

Check in weekly for upcoming registration opportunities in other cities around the US this fall and winter!