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Innovative Courses in Clinical & Aesthetic Dermatology

Available Exclusively from DERMfoot

DERMfoot presents DERMaesthetics – a new innovative workshop series in clinical and aesthetic dermatology for physicians who are interested in exploring aesthetic treatments for lower extremity skin and nails.

No other organization in the foot and ankle industry is providing a course as unique as this! CLICK HERE TO READ PRESS RELEASE.

Internationally recognized instructors will teach the art, science, and hands on skills using cadaveric specimens and other hands-on training tools to foot and ankle specialists.

Our quality educational platform will elevate your practice to the next level by providing a full day of training in our one-of-a-kind workshops coming soon to several cities across the U.S.

Participants of DERMaesthetics workshops can expect:

  • Symposium featuring 6 hours of education on today’s leading foot and leg dermatological issues

  • Incorporating Botulinum therapy into your practice

  • Cloud 9 dermal fillers: anti-aging for the lower extremity

  • Pedal Soft Tissue Augmentation (PSTA)

  • Plastic surgery and podiatry: flaps, fillers, and more

  • Foot spas: microdermabrasion, foot facials, and medi-pedis

  • Concierge services that prevent reimbursement burn out

This exclusive course series is available at the incredible value of $499 per seminar/workshop! Limited seats available, so CLICK ON ANY CITY/DATE BUTTON TO REGISTER NOW!


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