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The Mission of the American Society of Foot and Ankle Dermatology (ASFAD)

To acquire and disseminate knowledge about normal and pathological dermatology of the foot and ankle. This includes advocacy and support of cutting edge research and education in clinical dermatology and acral skin and nail diseases. We have a passion for "skin" as it relates to our everyday lives in private practice.

Faculty of ASFAD

Our acclaimed faculty includes podiatrists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and infectious disease specialists - who are experts in the field of dermatology. We also invite guest speakers in the areas of practice management, medico-legal cases, and coding and billing of skin and nails that will affect our future in today's healthcare environment. The Board attends many scientific seminars - podiatry, dermatology, surgery - and finds a new crop of speakers each year. We do not want faculty who are paid to speak on a specific product. Our faculty is first and foremost educators and researchers. Our lectures are dynamic and entertaining, presented by key opinion leaders with intellectual curiosity and professionalism in the field of dermatology.

Current Topics of Interest for ASFAD & DERMFoot 2016

  • Onychomycosis, the disease of the century
  • Should empirical Terbinafine begin without diagnosis?
  • The Physician Specialty Pharmacy relationship
  • Chronic nail infections and Biofilm: How PCR can help
  • Skin of color: Aesthetic treatments and more
  • Nail biopsy workshops
  • Itch and rashes: How to stop them
  • Atopic dermatitis and immunomodulators
  • Lasers - Lights, camera, action: How to get started
  • Surgery is FUN but FUNGUS pays the bills
  • Learn the latest techniques in sclerotherapy
  • Coding and billing of at risk footcare - avoiding audits while increasing your bottom line

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2016 DERMfoot Seminar

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Dr. Annette Joyce
Corporate Liaison to the Board
1010 Liberty Road, Suite 100
Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: 410-795-2155
E-Mail: info@dermfoot.com


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